NordicGolfers.com was founded in 2007 by Jess Krelskov and Christian Mathiassen and is a well-established golf site, backed up by a strong team. Our mission is to help golf clubs and hotels/resorts and provide them with even more guests as well as to make it easier for Scandinavian golfers to get the best prices and offers, when booking their golf trips. We focus on maintaining a solid cooperation with our partners as well as our customers.

By building a strong database og partners NordicGolfers has become the biggest player and market leader, when it comes to the Nordic golf market. Every year we assist more than 50.000 golfers to book the perfect golf trip.

Our strength is our great knowledge about golf and we strive towards giving our customers the best overview of the golf market worldwide. Our vision is to expand our business, so we will be able to offer golf trips in the low season as well to Scandinavian golfers.

Strengths and abilities

  1. We are the biggest golf site in Scandinavia
  2. We have more than 10 years of experience with sales and promotion of golf trips
  3. 40.000 newsletter recipients
  4. 4.300 Facebook followers
  5. We assist more than 50.000 golfers to book the perfect golf trip, every year
  6. Collaboration with international tourist- and travel agencies, to create greater visibility
  7. Events for our partners, with bridge-building and community across countries
  8. We participate in annual golf- and travel fairs – fx. Danish Travel Show, your shortest way to the Danish Market
  9. Sponsor of golf tournaments
  10. Sponsor of young golf talents

Customer benefits

  • Personal customer service in Danish
  • More than 800 golf courses, hotels and resorts worldwide
  • No expensive intermediary - you get the price directly from our partners
  • We provide you with 3 relevant offers on your golf trip - free
  • Vi giver dig tre relevante tilbud på golfture - free and non-binding
  • We have more than 10 years of experience with selling golf trips
  • Every year we assist more than 50.000 golfers to book their golf trip


Kirsten Kimers Vej 20
2300 Copenhagen S

Avda. De Mijas 5, Centro Nordico
20651 Mijas

Telephone hpurs:
Monday - Thursday 09:00 - 17:00
Friday 09:00 - 16:00
Tel: +45 2441 2240



Christian Mathiassen, Partner

As co-founder of NordicGolfers Christian is of course passionate about golf, with a HCP of 5, and he is a member of Royal GC Copenhagen.

Jess Krelskov, Partner

Jess is also co-founder and an experienced golfer with a steady HCP of 4,5. He has travelled most of the world with his golf bag and loves to visit new golf courses, hotels and resorts.

Jens Borup, Sales Manager

Jens has more than 20 years of experience within the travel industry and has travelled and seen most of the World.

Allan Kristensen, Sales Manager

Allan is a huge golf enthusiast and has been since he started playing 20 years ago. Allan is very passionate about outdoor adventures and is a competent golfers with a HCP of 5,9 and is a member of Royal GC Copenhagen.

Lars Mortensen, Booking Manager

Lars is our booking manager and he is always ready to help you with your next golf trip. Lars has several years of experience with providing his expertise to our customers and putting together and book the perfect golf holiday.

Peter Vestergaard, Booking Manager & Back Office

Peter has many years of experience in sales, and he is our excel expert. Peter helps guests daily, with booking their golf trips, and ensures that the website runs like clockwork.

Nana Kristensen, Marketing Manager & Back Office

Nana is responsible for our marketing and has a background within marketing and communication. On a daily basis she is responsible for our Facebook page, newsletters etc. and helps with maintenance of the website.